EthCC 2

Second Ethereum Community conference was taking place from 6th to 9th of March 2019 in Paris.

Below you can find links to official reports videos, sorted by category.

Browser & Files

Daniel A. Nagy.: Update from the Swarm team

Daniel A. Nagy.: Update from the Swarm team Questions

Raffi Sapire: Live Streaming: Ethereum’s First Real World Disruptor

Ben Livshits: Growing a compelling product with the help of blockchain at Brave

Dr. Vincent Eli: Meta - MetaMask: Integrating Layer 2 in MetaMask for scaling, privacy and more

Dean Eingenmann: Updates from ENS

Charles Hamel : Open your Dapp to 100 million users

Chris Remus: ENS 3-6 Character Auction and Permanent Registrar Update

Core Ethereum

Tyrone Lobban : Quorum: Deploying Ethereum in the Enterprise

Patrick Ventuzelo: Let’s dig inside Ethereum Smart Contracts compiled to WebAssembly

Guillaume Balle: Ewasm ethereum 1.x update

Vanessa Bridge: Uncle rate analysis and the impact of mining strategies

Rob Dawson: Pantheon 1.0

Fabian Vogelsteller: -ERC 725 - the second iteration

Boris Mann: ETH1x Roadmap AMA

Jacques Dafflon: ERC777: Improved token safety and security

Mamy Ratsimbazafy: Tests and Simulation of Eth2.0

Crypto Economics

Paul Kohlhaas: Engineering Crypto Economic Incentives with Token Bonding Curves

William George: Schelling point based games and p+epsilon attacks

Julien Prat: Fundamental Pricing of Utility Tokens

Cassidy Daly: How to implement inflation effectively in token design2

Marc Zeller: Are all tokens useless ? - Post-Ico Mania Tokenomics

Jean Millerat: A board game for designing the mechanism of a smart contract

Kendall Cole: The Art of Tipping: Crypto’s Oldest Use Case

Dao / Governance

James Pitts: Magicians, Philosophers, and Cat Herders: Self-Organizing in a Decentralized Galaxy

Ashleigh Schap: Business Development & Crypto: Breaking Out of the Bubble

Vlad Zamfir: Blockchain Governance

Primavera de Filippi: In blockchain we trust(less): The rise and fall of blockchain governance

Niran Babalola: Slate Governance for Effective Token Votes

Hugh Karp: Legally linked DAO’s

Julien Béranger: DAOs : How to (finally) kickstart adoption?

Matan Field: Living DAOs

Gregor Žavcer: Towards fair data society

Simon de la Rouviere: The State of Curation Markets

Hudson Jameson: Ethereum Governance in 2019

Martin Lundfall: − Subjectivity vs. Objectivity in decentralized systems

Qianchen Yu: Beyond the technology, how about building a legally-compliant DAO?

Louis Margot-Duclot: Building complex governance systems on Ethereum in 5 simple steps

Philippe Honigman: What is Ownership in a DAO? - The Tribute Network Case

Liraz Siri: CREDO: Sustainable bootstrapping of decentralized open source networks

Griff Green: The Path Towards Decentralized Governance & True Sovereignty

James Pitts: Magicians, Philosophers, and Cat Herders: Self-Organizing in a Decentralized Galaxy

Hudson Jameson: Ethereum Governance in 2019

Yalda Mousavinia: The Seven Principles of Human- Work DAOs

Ownership in a DAO? - The Tribute Network Case Matan Field: Holographic consensus, scalable DAO

Tim Bansemer: How distributed governance unlocks collective coordination and intelligence

Daniel Kronovet: Decentralized Capital Allocation via Budgeting Boxes

Thibauld Favre: Financing decentralized projects with a Continuous DAO


Vanessa Grellet, Fanny Lakoubay, Judy Mam & Kevin Abosch : Panel on art on blockchain

Tomislav Mamić: BridgeDAO - a smart contract in the control of the physical world

Simona Pop: Impact IRL: effecting change and empowering people

Stefan George: Conditional Tokens - Introduction to a new Asset Class

Fauve Altman: The Current State of DApps

Jorge Izquierdo: Upgrading Aragon Voting infrastructure

Loredana Cirstea: The Importance of Proof of Wonder

Mike Barrow: Uncorking the wine world: tokenization, transparency and traceability

Marcin Benke: Pay-as-you- use Golem

Vlad Trifa: The Convergence of IoT and Blockchain Atsushi Ishii : The next generation interface combining AI x AR x Blockchain

Logan Saether: −Web3- Enabled Social Networks

Vidal Chriqui: How to build your decentralized booking service (DBS) on top of ERC- 808

Eduardo Antuña: DAppNode:Untying the knots of decentralization

Tobias Schubotz: Gnosis Safe 2019: Recovery & dapp interaction

Vlad Trifa: The Convergence of IoT and Blockchain Atsushi Ishii : The next generation interface combining AI x AR x Blockchain

Tyler Mulvihill: These times, they are a changing: The Supply Chain Trilemma

Dr. Seven Waterhouse: Opening up the Internet to all

Robert Zaremba: Limiting the use of smart-contracts: when and how to move off-chain

Kenny Chandrasekera: Oracles in the wild: Powering decentralized applications with flexible data solutions

Amaury Martiny: Build your DApp on a Light Client

Alexandre Cognard: Discover Arianee Protocol and Live Demo

Evan Van Ness : −Things I want to see at the app layer

Olivier Sarrouy: Pando, a decentralized VCS based on IPFS and Aragon

Jez San - FunFair: State channels live. Next phase: Adoption

Yaron Velner: Bringing Liquidity On-chain - Lesson Learned’

Julien Bouteloup: Decentralised Geospatial Layer For Earth Observation

Clement Lesaege: From Doges to Tokens: Curated list disputes with Kleros

Decentralized Finance

Justin Ahn: Programmable equity as a Entry Point to Greater Security Token Adoption by SMEs in the Future of Work

Thibault Meunier: TEX - Trustless and scalable exchange on layer 2

Kavita Gupta: Venturing the decentralized future

Kristoffer Naerland & Jannik Luhn: Trustlines Network - Decentralized Currency Networks

Jacek Czarnecki: −The Legal Side of Decentralized Finance

Jenna Zenk: Handing over the Melon protocol to the Melon Council

Arnaud Grunthaler: Regulation applying to STO Igor Barinov: xDai and the dawn of stablechains

Chris Hermida: Stablecoin Trends Gustav Arentoft: Introduction to MakerDAO

Luc Falempin: How on- chain identity management could help mass adoption of security tokens

Juan D. Mendieta: Liquidity for the tokenized world

Christoph Mussenbrock: Generalized Insurance Framework: A Linux for Decentralized Insurance Applications

Corbin Page: Security Tokens: Building an open financial system

Chris Hermida: Stablecoin Trends Gustav Arentoft: Introduction to MakerDAO

István András Seres: MixEth: efficient, trustless coin mixing service for Ethereum

Christiane Ernst: The dxDAO - Governance of the DutchX

Frank Brinkkemper: From successful ICO to a legal STO

Lefteris Karapetsas: Rotkehlchen: How a robin can help you manage your crypto and other financial assets

Alexandre Clément: Parametric insurance on the blockchain today and what’s left to accomplish?

Alexei Zamyatin: XCLAIM - Interoperability with Cryptocurrency-backed Assets

Ankit Chiplunkar: How ICO’s invested your money in 2018

Stephane Gosselin: ERC1400: the evolution of a family of standards

Adam Dossa: Modelling Securities on Ethereum - Challenges and Opportunities

Xavier Lavayssière: From legal entities to digital ecosystem

Arnaud Grunthaler: Regulation applying to STO Igor Barinov: xDai and the dawn of stablechains

WORKSHOP Max Stein: How to keep track of your digital assets

Alexis Collomb - Designing a ‘universal’ security token

Pavlo Makarov: DeFi use cases

Dauriel Team: Tokenized Securities - The future of Capital markets

Dev Tools

Liam Horne: State Channels With Counterfactual

Chris Chung: Ion: A platform agnostic Interoperability approach

Rosco Kalis: Using events to unit test smart contracts

Andrej Bencic: Invalid Opcode: Understanding the EVM through the eyes of a Solidity Stack Tracer

Alex Beregszaszi: −Solidity & Yul

Lucian Boca: Indexed Ethereum Data: Boosting dApp development with Alethio’s Core API

Albert Acebrón: SafeSol, a safety-oriented Solidity fork

Christoph Jentzsch: Incubed - Scaling Access

Philipp Langhans: Update from the Mist team

Vincent Le Gallic: − Entreprise DApp developer, technical challenges and tradeoffs

Makoto Inoue: How to integrate ENS into your dApp

Ivaylo Kirilov: Ethereum and Java


Pascal Van Hecke: Lightning Talks Session

Karan Ambwani : Blockchain Landscape in India

Federico Rocchi: The evolution of the blockchain’s ecosystem

Dmitry Bespalov: State of the iOS application development for Ethereum dapps.

William Mougayar: Challenges in Growing The Ethereum Ecosystem As A Community

Fennie Wang & Caroline Dama: Open Source Mobile Money & Self-Sovereign Identity: The Future of Financial Inclusion

Rick Dudley: Parsimonious answers to difficult questions

Axel Simon: You Can’t Commoditise Trust

Vinay Gupta: Smart contracts that transfer physical property

Ricardo J. Mendez: The Truth Of The Thing

QJ Wang: −ECF 2.0

Aya Miyaguchi: Communication from the Ethereum Foundation

Lane Rettig : Ethereum will save the world. Here’s how.

Eseoghene Mentie: −What we can learn from ancient decentralised civilisation

John Lilic: Spectacular Growth Happening Now: Why Ethereum Must Focus on Asia


Matias Nisenson: No shit: a dapp with thousands of users and no ICO

Nicolas Julia: How NFTs on Loom Plasma Chain are pushing the next wave of crypto adoption


Antoine Detante: − Blockchain & privacy: a concrete example with Parity Private Transactions

Zachary Williamson: Publically verifiable private transactions - a deep dive into the AZTEC protocol

Sajida Zouarhi: Opportunities and challenges of Blind and Offchain Computation: A step towards more privacy for your Web3.0 Doppelgänger

Dr. Sebastian Bürgel: HOPR - decentralized messaging beyond Whisper

Lucas Vogelsang: Practical Privacy: Why does privacy matter and how to solve it?


Patrick McCorry: PISA - Accountable Third Party Watching Service for State channels

Alex Gluchowski: Solving Scalability with Zero Knowledge Proofs

E.G. Galano: Infura & Web3 Infrastructure

Paul Lange & Franziska Heintel: Raiden Network Update’’

Henri Pihkala: Launching Monoplasma - highly scalable, a one-to-many payments system for digital cooperatives and revenue sharing platforms.

Adan Sanchez De Pedro: The Future of Blockchain Oracles — What Decentralization Really Means

Mehdi Zerouali: Lighthouse: a security- focused Ethereum Serenity client

Angel Versetti: The convergence of IoT and Blockchain

Vlad Zamfir: Blockchain Scaling

Remco Bloemen: Scaling DApps and DEXs using zero knowledge proofs

Robert Habermeier: Consensus and Finality in Polkadot

Georgios Konstantopoulos: Plasma Cash: Towards improved Plasma Constructions

Arthur Gervais: NOCUST – A Non-Custodial 2nd-Layer Financial Intermediary

Benjamin Smith: dfusion — Using zkSnarks to scale arbitrage-free decentralized exchanges

Adrian Brink: PoS Validation: Social and Technical Attacks

Ethan Illingworth & Angus Hamill: Scalability: Given industry constraints, how do we move from a centralised to a decentralised approach while still retaining the principles of decentralisation?

Vincent Danos: off-chain techniques for real-world smart contracts

Justin Drake: Ethereum 2.0—the phase 0 spec

Tom Close: State Channel Networks


Nick Dodson: Why Eth Devs are Doing Security all Wrong (and how it affects the user)

Pavlo Radchuk: What is DApp security and how it should be done?’

Lorenz Breidenbach: LibSubmarine: Defeat front- runners by temporarily hiding transactions on Ethereum

Kazuaki Ishiguro : How Blockchain Ensure the Reliability of Data and AI

Josselin Feist: Slither: A Static Analysis Framework For Smart Contracts

Dr. Petar Tsankov: Safety certification of Ethereum smart contracts

Bertrand Masius: Using Erays and Z3 to find vulnerabilities in S

Awa Sun Yin: −Variants of Proof-of-Stake

Stani Kulechov: To Approve or Not To Approve? -Balancing between Security and User Experience

Silur: Applications of Noncommutative cryptographu in blockchains

Thomas Bertani: Oraclize 2.0 - 1M queries later, towards decentralization and onwards

Sergey Nazarov: Decentralized Oracles: Reliably Triggering Smart Contracts using Decentralized Computation and Trusted Execution Environments

Dennison Bertram: Upgrade Driven Development with ZeppelinOS

Gilles Fedak: How Intel SGX and Ethereum can be leveraged to monitize data sets


Benjamin Bollen: Meet Mappy, Happy, & Dappy: Personas For Blockchain Product Management

Aqeel Mohammad: Bridging the Divide

Lili Feyerabend: Ethereum UX for non-tech users: Cases of NFT and Prediction market

Will Harborne: −Decentralised Exchanges - Crossing the UX Chasm

Thomas Chataigner: Blockchain: The UX strikes back

Piotr Kosiński: Decentralized automation

Thibaut Sardan: Turn your smartphone into a hardware wallet

Pelle Braendgaard: Building Identity into Layer 1 and Layer 2 through Signed Typed Data

Pedro Gomes: −Wallet Standards for Mainstream Adoption

Jordi Baylina: ‘IDEN3: Scalable distributed identity infrastructure using zero-knowledge proofs to guarantee privacy.

Craig Williams: Reducing Mainnet Transactions: A Case Study Mokhtar Bacha: #SHIPL

Itamar Lesuisse: Enabling frictionless access to Dapps, today

Louis Millon: −Hiding the blockchain : mass adoption through use-case focus.

Austin Griffith: Meta Transactions and the Burner Wallet

Fabrice Croiseaux: Ethereum Decentralized Digital Identity Trust Services

Craig Williams: Reducing Mainnet Transactions: A Case Study Mokhtar Bacha: #SHIPL

Taylor Monahan: Fixing Ethereum’s Fragmented User Experience

Scott Moore: Growing Open Source Software

David Lamers: The universal ledger agent: a logical result of Rabobank’s journey in blockchain based self-sovereign identity

Yoav Weiss: Gas Stations Network (EIP 1613) - decentralized meta- transactions

Web 3.0

Rob Habermeier: Cumulus: Entering the Substratosphere

Jack Platts: Introduction - W3F Track Ryan Zurrer: The State of Web3 & Polkadot Governance

Reto Trinkler: Katallassos: A Standard Framework for Financial Contracts

WORKSHOP Gregory Markou, Elizabeth Binks, David Ansermino, and Aidan Hyman: ChainSafe: a journey building web3

François Branciard: Substrate meets iExec: how to Build a Domain-Specific Token-Based Chain

WORKSHOP Dillon Chen: Governance DAOS on Edgeware

Antoine Najjarin: The user experience for Web 3: Challenges and Opportunities

Mike Goelzer: libp2p: A Modular, P2P Networking Stack

Sergey Nazarov: Secure Decentralized Oracles on the Polkadot Network

Dimitri de Jonghe: A Web3 Data Economy with Ocean Protocol and Polkadot

Emiel van der Hoek: Exploring the Polkadot/Substrate Runtime

Shawn Tabrizi: Enabling Forkless Blockchain Upgrades with Substrate

PANEL TALK: Fatemeh Shirazi, Oskar Thorén, & Sebastian Bürgel: Whisper v2 Implementation

Ivo Georgiev: Building Payment Channels with Substrate